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Premium Water Filtration and Treatment Systems

We are Canada's leading distributor of premium made water treatment and filtration equipment for domestic and commercial water purification.

With over 30 years of experience and thousands of active customers across Canada you can always trust us to supply the best quality purified water available. Eagle Water Treatment Systems is a one-stop-shop for all your water purification needs; we supply, install and service your water treatment system. Our warranty is one of the highest in the industry and we stand behind all of the products that we sell. At Eagle Water Treatment Systems we design and develop innovative Canadian products designed to tackle water quality problems all over the country. Our products provide water treatment solutions for well water, river water, municipal water and water rich in minerals such as iron. It’s highly unlikely that you will have an issue that we haven’t had to deal with before – regardless of whether your water flows from a municipal water treatment facility, a storage tank, a well, stream or groundwater storage supply. Each water source comes with its own unique characteristics and presents its own water filtration challenges. Here at Eagle we rise to any challenge and look forward to providing you the best possible solution at a competitive price. Our products range from whole home water conditioning systems to water softeners and under the counter Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters. Please feel free to browse our informative website and give us a call so we work with you to solve all of your water filtration needs.

Common Water Issues?


While Canada has one of the safest water supplies in the world, there are a number of factors that can affect the taste, appearance, hardness and overall safety of household water including everything from a heavy rainfall causing excessive agricultural runoff to the presence of lead pipes in your home. That's why we recommend having your water tested if you have any concerns about quality.

Common Water Issues

Municipal Water Solutions

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For the most part our cities tap water is relatively safe, however we all have reason to be concerned about pollution in our tap water. An Eagle whole home water treatment system will allow you to stop contaminates from entering your home, ensuring your water is healthier and safer. We specialize in water purification and water conditioning both for municipal and private water treatment needs.

Municipal Water Solutions

Private Well Water Solutions

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If you have a private well, regular water quality testing is very important. Many contaminants cannot be identified by taste or odor, making it difficult for homeowners to know if the water quality of their well has changed. The government does not regulate private wells and many cities and towns do not require periodic sampling of private wells after they are initially installed. This makes a whole home water treatment system even more vital.

Private Well Water Issues

What Are Your Options?

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Learn More About your options and how an Eagle Water Solution can help you and your family. Learn more about how Eagle drinking water systems, water softeners and water filters work. We can custom design any system you need to solve the most complex water treatment issues. With over 30 years of problem solving trust Eagle to deliver the results you deserve.

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A new Line of Water Treatment - Innovation meets quality in the NEW Eagle Platinum Line. The Eagle Platinum Line of water treatment equipment offers the most advanced performance in the industry with highly efficient water handling in a compact, modern space saving design. Eagle is proud to introduce a newly engineered totally redesigned state of the art line of water conditioners and backwashing filters that provide the end user with unmatched water and energy savings.