A System To Suit Your Needs

The Best Water Filtration System for You?

At Eagle Water Treatment Systems we are committed to ensuring that you have the correct water filter system for your particular situation, be it municipal water, tank water, well water, groundwater or a combination of these sources. We constantly research and assess new water filtration systems and their components examining the latest technology as part of our continuous improvement program. Along with our Engineering and Support team here in Canada, we select the best components available to us and assemble the best water purifiers and filter systems especially suited to Canadian conditions. 

At Eagle Water Treatment Systems we supply water filtration systems and components for residential, commercial, rural and industrial applications – all designed and manufactured to withstand the unique demands and opportunities that Canada presents.


The benefits of improving on municipal drinking water:

For the discriminating consumer, there are ways municipal drinking water can be improved beyond the convenience of tap delivery. One of the most common ways to improve municipal drinking water is to add a filter to reduce chlorine taste and odour, which may be in the supply as a result of municipal treatment processes.

People with a refined sense of taste and smell are often the first to notice different odours in the water supply and thus opt to purchase bottled water instead of drinking their tap water this is why one should consider the installation of a whole home water treatment system.  Others who come into contact with the water may notice a difference in how their tap water may feel on their skin or may interact with their hair colouring. Sources for municipal drinking water systems may go through seasonal changes —Wet season runoff, summer-season algae blooms or autumn’s annual foliage drop may affect taste and appearance. A Whole Home filtration system can reduce such seasonal effects on municipal supplies.


Well Water, securing a safe and dependable water supply.

Well water contaminants can cause illness or issues with the home's plumbing and appliance systems. Even when the well is properly maintained, the surrounding environment is constantly changing - leaving your home's water supply vulnerable to contamination and bacteria growth.

Eagle Water Treatment Systems offers a wide range of residential well water filtration systems, water conditioners, water softeners, commercial and residential reverse osmosis, iron filters, portable water purification systems, manganese removal filters, whole house water systems, and custom water treatment equipment for the home, business, farm and industry using private well, lake, river, borehole and many other water sources.


Which EAGLE product is right for you?

Want to know what is the right EAGLE product for you? Feel free to browse this website for help on your unique application as well you can always feel free to contact our Water Advisory team members to learn more about which EAGLE product will best suit your needs. We offer solutions for a broad range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial requirements.