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Assessing your water issues is our specialty at Eagle Water Treatment.  With many years of combined experience within our team, Eagle Water Treatment Systems has the resources necessary to provide a premium experience within the water treatment industry. We specialize in water purification and water conditioning both for municipal and private water treatment needs. Our approach enables us to create customized water filter solutions ranging from commercial water treatment to all aspects of whole home and point of use drinking water filtration. We also offer a full-line of salt free water systems for the home and commercial applications.

The following are some Potential Problems you may have with your water. Please remember that in order to properly determine which issues you may be facing it is vital for one of our professional members to attend your home to complete a proper water evaluation .

Once your water evaluation is complete we can properly assess which issues you are facing. Listed below are some of the more common water issues:

Aesthetic Problems

These are some of the most noticeable problems; bad taste, unusual color, unpleasant smell. While being inconvenient these things won't necessarily hurt you, but they may suggest something harmful in the water.


Lead is extremely harmful to everyone and can cause serious problems, especially in infants and young children. Lead is a heavy metal that is picked up in the water by lead based service lines, plumbing in older homes, corroded pipes, soldered joints in copper pipes and brass fixtures.


Nitrate is very dangerous to young children and pregnant women. It is a common component of fertilizer and is most common in rural areas.

Organic Chemicals

Volatile organic chemicals, when ingested, have been known to cause cancer and many other adverse health effects. Organic chemicals are most commonly found in industrial and agricultural areas from pesticides and other organic compounds.


Pathogens are disease causing microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses. Most pathogens are removed from the water supply by water-chlorinization systems.

Most people don't have these problems with their water, but it's very important to find out. If you are living in an older home or an older neighborhood we will need to perform a test for lead. If you live near a landfill or factory we will need to test for volatile organic compounds. Water that comes from a private well or a small water system should also be tested for nitrates, pesticides and bacteria especially if you are in an agricultural area. Also, if your water has a strong smell of chlorine then we will test for chloroform.

Options for Cleaning Water:

Boiling water is a very effective method of killing microorganisms in water, but is not a very convenient solution. Inexpensive, compact iodine tablets can also be used and will kill most microorganisms, but they take 20 minutes to be effective and add a foul taste to your water. The simplest solution for cleaning water is a the installation of a whole home water filtration system. water filter or a water purifier.

By installing a whole home water filtration system from Eagle Water Treatment and conditioning your water properly you will see the following benefits to your water:

Hair and Skin

Conditioned water in your home will make life MUCH nicer by making even ordinary hair come alive. Hair washed in Eagle conditioned water reflects over 50% more light! You can greatly reduce or even totally eliminate costly hair care products such as conditioner and cream rinses. Conditioned water will leave your skin will be baby soft after bathing and will transform your bath or shower into a luxurious experience by allowing your body's natural oils to come to the surface! This will greatly eliminate the use of expensive hand lotions and moisturizers!

Eliminate the Deterioration to Your Clothing

Not having an Eagle Water treatment system is costing you money every month in deterioration to your washable clothing. The American laundry Institute states "Washable items such as clothing and towels and linens wear out 15% faster in raw tap water rather than in conditioned water." Most families wardrobe contains a minimum of $1000.00 per adult and $500.00 per child of washable clothing that is subject to deterioration due to water quality. With Eagle Water your clothes will come out softer, whiter and brighter than they ever have before.

Home and Hard Surface Cleaning

Conditioned water will make your life much easier by cutting the time required to clean your home by one third! Hard to clean items such as bathtubs, shower stalls and toilet bowls clean with just a light wipe instead of scrubbing. A research program conducted by Ohio State University showed that treated water saves one out of three hours required to clean your home. On an annual basis this results in saving you the equivalent of ten eight-hour days!

Dishes and Glassware that Sparkles

Your glasses, dishes and silverware come right out of the dishwasher sparkling clean! Wouldn't it be nice if all of the dishes, floors, walls, bath and everything in your home could be a sparkling clean every day? Conditioned water will remove the soap scum and spots from your tableware, leaving a beautiful sparkling shine!

Plumbing and Water-using Appliances

Not having an Eagle water treatment system is costing you money every month in damage to your home's plumbing and appliances. According to large manufactures such as GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, Speed Queen, Hotpoint and Kitchen Aid if you use treated water they stand behind the promise that their appliances will last longer. This also applies to your water heater which is likely the second largest user of energy in your home.

We at Eagle Water Treatment Systems believe very strongly that we can improve your life by improving your water. You will see and feel the results immediately and you will begin to realize “Why didn’t I get a water conditioning system sooner ?”


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