The Eagle Warranty & Guarantee

Limited Lifetime Warranty

For as long as you own the equipment.

Eagle Water Treatment Equipment Systems Inc., believing it


To be of exceptional quality, hereby warrants said equipment to its first purchaser at retail as follows: The following components — TREATMENT TANK AND VALVES and SALT CONTAINER are WARRANTED AGAINST DEFECTS IN MANUFACTURE FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE FIRST PURCHASER AT RETAIL. ELECTRICAL PARTS are warranted against defects in manufacture for SEVEN YEARS. THE RESIN is warranted against defects in manufacture for its LIFETIME.

This warranty begins at the time the equipment is first connected for use and is contingent upon the return of a signed owner's registration card. This warranty does not require replacement of the entire unit; if the equipment does not perform properly you should request service from the dealer that sold you the equipment. If you are not satisfied, you should notify our Customer Service Manager. If we are not able to arrange local servicing, you should send the defective part(s) (or, if you prefer, send the entire unit) directly to us, freight prepaid, with proof of purchase and a copy of this warranty. The defective part(s) (or the entire unit) will either be repaired or new Eagle part(s) furnished, for a nominal charge to cover labor, handling, packing and the increase, if any, in the retail price of the part(s) since the date of purchase. Genuine Eagle parts must be used. Failure to use genuine Eagle parts will void the warranty and certifications. The Eagle 'system' you purchased may include non-Eagle Equipment the dealer has added to provide you with the best possible water quality. Eagle Water Treatment Systems does NOT warrant or guarantee non-Eagle products. Check with your dealer for the specific warrantees or guarantees for any non-Eagle product. This warranty does not include labor charges, and does not cover installation, transportation, or any other claims or torts. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so parts of the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal right, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, you also have implied warranty rights. In the event of a problem with warranty service or performance, you may be able to ho to a small claims court, a State court, or a Federal district court. This warranty is void of equipment is not installed and operated according to instructions. It does not apply to damage caused by abuse, accident, neglect, freezing, fire, or other abnormal conditions beyond our control. This warranty is void on any part from which the manufacturing date has been removed or made illegible. Benefits will be provided by various types of age equipment when installed and operated according to manufacturer's recommendations. Operational, maintenance and replacement requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised. All claims based on best available information at time of printing. Manufacturer makes no representations as to the suitability of this equipment for a particular application. Buyer relies entirely on dealer's recommendations in the purchase of the equipment. Independent Eagle dealers may include, together with your Eagle product, a product or component that is not manufactured by Eagle or their parent company, Eagle Water treatment Systems. Any non-Eagle product may be covered by the manufacturer of that product, and is not covered by the Eagle Warranty. Eagle Water Treatment systems does not warrant that your Eagle product and the non-Eagle product will perform properly when used together, and assume no liability therefore.

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