Eagle is proud to be a Corporate Donor to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Eagle Water Treatment Systems is proud to have been able to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities. On Wednesday September 9th the Eagle Water Treatment Installation team arrived at Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton Ontario and installed water treatment equipment for the staff and guests of Ronald McDonald House. Our installers spent the better part of the day installing 3 of the EAGLE REVERSE OSMOSIS – QCRO5V-50 in the cafeteria and family kitchen areas. These units will be used by the staff and guests during their stay at this wonderful facility. The Eagle Reverse Osmosis process purifies water at the molecular level and it represents a large advancement compared to other water filters on the market today. It provides unlimited quality drinking water which is produced at a low cost and with a modern eco-friendly design.

DSC_0572 (1152 x 768)The Eagle installation team also installed the Eagle Reverse Osmosis CW-698 Water Cooler at the Ronald McDonald House Hamilton facilities on the second floor in one of the family areas. This is a great unit which can provide both hot and cold water twenty-four hours a day with full electronic controls. It is a cosmetically attractive unit with a child resistant lever to protect the little ones from the hot water tap. It also has a large tank capacity which provides 13.5 litres of water in the reservoir tanks. The unit produces 75 to 100 gallons per day of purified clean refreshing water which is great for a small office or commercial application such as this one at the Ronald McDonald House Charities here in Hamilton Ontario.

The Eagle Water Treatment division also teamed up with  their Eagle Air Quality team to provide for the installation of four portable Healthway air purifiers to be used through the facility. The common family areas and the private sleeping rooms will be receiving the benefit of purified and filter air. These units are fully self contained air purification systems that come with a full factory 5 year no question warranty. The unit also has full on board self diagnosis and contains separate chambers to trap air born particulate and provide clean purified air quality 24 hours a day.DSC_0410 (1152 x 768)

Eagle Water Treatment Systems (Les Systèmes d’eau Classique Inc.) Head Office located in Montreal Quebec and all of the Eagle Water Treatment offices located in Ontario were proud to be involved in this great donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The following Ontario distributors would like to thank all of their employees for their generous donation of their time to help in this worthy cause: Wise Water International - Hamilton , Eagle Water Niagara - St. Catharines, Eagle Industries Corp - Mississauga, World Water Industries - Vaughan Toronto and Eagle Water London (a division of Eagle Water Niagara) - located in London Ontario Canada.

It is through generous donation such as this that we can all work together to make our communities a better place to live. We wish to thank everyone who was involved for helping make this a great day for all. For further information on our corporate donation program please feel free to call 1-800-363-6365 .

Trying to Loose Weight? Increase your body’s ability to burn fat and drink more water.

Trying to lose weight? Drinking water can boost your body’s ability to burn fat. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking water (about 17oz) increases metabolic rate by 30 percent in healthy men and women. The boost occurred within 10 minutes but reached a maximum 30-40 minutes after drinking.

Studies also suggest that drinking one or two glasses of water before a meal can fill you up so you naturally eat less, says Andrea N. Giancoli, MPH, RD spokesperson for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Plus, even mild dehydration will slow down metabolism by as much as 3 percent.

German researchers found that drinking 6 cups of cold water a day (that’s 48 oz.) can raise resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily—enough to shed 5 pounds in a year. The increase may come from the work it takes to heat the water to body temperature. Though the extra calories you burn drinking a single glass don’t amount to much, making it a habit can add up to pounds lost with essentially zero additional effort .

Drink more water and you will lose more weight. How do I do that you ask? Make the water taste better by adding a water filter. That way you will choose to drink water before a sugary drink and you will loose more weight fast. We believe so strongly in our products that we are providing the first 100 callers a free in home water quality evaluation. This is only available for a limited time so call now. If you are a home owner you qualify. Call 1-866-427-7757 today.

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