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Eagle Water’s 4 Reasons You Should Drink Enough Water

You can go without food for days, weeks and even months, but going without water for just one day can negatively impact your health.

4 Reasons You Should Drink Enough Water

1. Fatigue
The first sign of dehydration is the feeling of being tired. When the body begins to dehydrate it means the tissues and cells are not getting enough water to make a person feel like doing anything. Without water, enzymes are unable to produce energy.

2. Digestive Problems
If a person is not drinking enough water they do not have enough liquid to help with the elimination process and without eliminating the foods we digest we gain weight, gain toxins, and feel awful. Being constipated is the beginning to many health problems.

3. Stomach Ulcers
To protect the stomach from its acidic digestive fluids that is made during the digestion of food, the stomach is coated with a lining of mucous, which are 98% water and 2% sodium bicarbonate. When a person is dehydrated the stomach does not have enough liquid available to make the mucous.

4. Weight Gain
Many times when we are thirsty we eat food rather than drink water. This can cause weight gain, especially for a sedentary person. When your body is even just a little bit dehydrated, it may not tell you with a dry throat or mouth, but rather with a feeling of being hungry.

Drink Purified Water

Some water sources are not clean even though many people drink from them. Well water can be full of toxic inorganic minerals that could be making you sick. Bottled water isn’t any better. Tap water in some cities is also very high in minerals and too much minerals will cause arterial problems. Water should be as pure as possible, without minerals and bad bacteria.

For more tips on drinking enough purified water please contact Eagle Water at our head office 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario residents 1-866-427-7757.