8 Tasty Ways to Drink More Water This Fall

Eagle Water knows that drinking enough water a day is not always easy. Try adding new ingredients to your water to help you stay hydrated and energized throughout a day.

During the fall and winter months, you may not feel like drinking water because of the cold weather, but it’s as crucial to drink it in the fall/winter as it is during the summer. If you are looking to boost your water intake during fall/winter, here are a few drinks you may want to try. If you are a fan of hot drinks in the winter.....use hot filtered water instead of cold water!

Ginger Lemon Water

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and helps aid digestion while lemon helps detoxify the body, relieve digestion problems, and boosts your immune system.

Add a few slices of ginger and lemon to hot filtered water and enjoy in the morning or in the evening after a stressful day. Want something cold to drink? Add the ginger (peeled) and lemon to ice cold filtered water.

Strawberry Mint Water

Mint kills harmful bacteria and viruses and strawberries help to prevent heart disease, improve memory, strengthen your immune system, prevent diabetes and constipation.

Add 2 sliced strawberries and several fresh mint leaves to a cup of cold or hot filtered water and enjoy!

Clementine Pear Water

Pears aid in weight loss, improves digestion, improves heart health and has antiseptic properties. Clementines are high in vitamin C, potassium, beta-carotene and low in sugar and calories and are known to help slow the aging process.

Fill a pitcher with filtered water and add a few clementine sections and a thinly sliced pear. Let it stand for a few hours. Serve cold or warm it up.

Apple Cinnamon Water

Apple cinnamon water is well known for its metabolism boosting and detoxing properties. Apples are high in antioxidants, and help protect your eyes and heart and are low in calories. Cinnamon naturally regulates blood sugar, helps prevent diabetes and boost your energy levels.

Fill a pitcher with filtered water. Add a thinly sliced apple and a couple of cinnamon sticks. Let it stand for a few hours or place it in the fridge. This water can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Rosemary Water

Rosemary is a healthy herb that is a great addition to almost anything you eat and drink. It has substances that help boost your immune system, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Add a few rosemary springs to a pitcher of filtered water and let it stand for a few hours. You can also add a few slices of cucumber or lime to it for extra flavor. Cucumbers help to control blood pressure, fight cancer and diabetes, and keep your kidneys healthy. Lime helps prevent formation of kidney stones, remove harmful bacteria, relieve stomach discomfort and reduce bloating.

Raspberry Blueberry Water

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, iron and fiber. They help prevent cancer, strengthen the uterus, relieve morning sickness, and can even prevent age-related cognitive decline. Blueberries support heart health, prevent urinary tract infections, prevent inflammation, constipation and cancer. They are also good for your skin and hair.

Add a handful of raspberries and blueberries to a pitcher of filtered water. Place in fridge and let stand overnight.

Orange Cinnamon Ginger Water

You already know about cinnamon and ginger and their amazing health benefits. Oranges are high in vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. They help to boost your energy levels, fight cancer, and prevent heart attacks.

Slice an orange into rings and peel. Slice fresh ginger root and toss them in a pitcher of filtered water. Add in a few cinnamon sticks and let it stand for an hour or more. Drink hot or cold.

Lemon Lavender Water

When you pair lavender with lemon, you get a wonderful drink with plenty of health benefits.

Add a sliced lemon and 1/2 a cup of fresh or dried lavender to a pitcher of filtered water and let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. May be served hot or cold.

For more ways to use filtered water, please contact Eagle Water at 1-800-363-6365 (head office) or 1-866-427-7757 (for Ontario residents). Using filtered water in these recipes will guarantee amazing flavor and unsure maximum health benefits of the ingredients.

Eagle Water’s 10 Myths and Facts About Water

MYTH - Everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day.

Women should strive for 8 glasses a day and men should aim for 12 glasses of any fluid, not just water.

FACT - Drinking water flushes toxins from the body.

The kidneys use water to get rid of waste products.

MYTH - Bottled water can cause tooth decay.

Even though bottled water does not contain fluoride, it does not cause tooth decay.

MYTH - Drinking water can help keep your skin moist.

The moisture level of skin is not determined by internal factors. External factors such as skin cleansing, the environment, amount and function of oil glands determines how dry the skin will become.

FACT - Drinking water helps you lose weight.

Replacing other high calorie drinks with water will help reduce your daily calorie intake. Water can make you feel fuller so you eat less. Drinking cold water can also help boost your metabolism and speed up weight loss.

MYTH - Yellow urine is a sign of dehydration.

Dark yellow urine can be a sign of dehydration. Ideally your urine should be straw yellow in color. Taking a multivitamin can also cause dark yellow urine.

MYTH - If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

If you start to feel thirsty, you are on the road to dehydration and should drink some water, but thirst doesn't always mean you are dehydrated.

MYTH - You need sports drinks to function at a high level in athletics.

Water is all you need to get the fluid necessary for most athletic endeavors. Though, people who run marathons and compete in highly strenuous activities should supplement their water intake with sports drinks to offset the salt they lose from heavy sweating.

FACT - It is possible to drink too much water.

People with some heart conditions , high blood pressure and edema should avoid drinking too much water as this can put themselves at risk of complications.

FACT - You should not reuse plastic water bottles.
Plastic water bottles leach chemicals into the water after one use.

To learn more MYTHS and FACTS about water please call Eagle Water at our head office 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario residents 1-866-427-7757.

Benefits of Eagle Water

Eagle Water’s 4 Reasons You Should Drink Enough Water

You can go without food for days, weeks and even months, but going without water for just one day can negatively impact your health.

4 Reasons You Should Drink Enough Water

1. Fatigue
The first sign of dehydration is the feeling of being tired. When the body begins to dehydrate it means the tissues and cells are not getting enough water to make a person feel like doing anything. Without water, enzymes are unable to produce energy.

2. Digestive Problems
If a person is not drinking enough water they do not have enough liquid to help with the elimination process and without eliminating the foods we digest we gain weight, gain toxins, and feel awful. Being constipated is the beginning to many health problems.

3. Stomach Ulcers
To protect the stomach from its acidic digestive fluids that is made during the digestion of food, the stomach is coated with a lining of mucous, which are 98% water and 2% sodium bicarbonate. When a person is dehydrated the stomach does not have enough liquid available to make the mucous.

4. Weight Gain
Many times when we are thirsty we eat food rather than drink water. This can cause weight gain, especially for a sedentary person. When your body is even just a little bit dehydrated, it may not tell you with a dry throat or mouth, but rather with a feeling of being hungry.

Drink Purified Water

Some water sources are not clean even though many people drink from them. Well water can be full of toxic inorganic minerals that could be making you sick. Bottled water isn’t any better. Tap water in some cities is also very high in minerals and too much minerals will cause arterial problems. Water should be as pure as possible, without minerals and bad bacteria.

For more tips on drinking enough purified water please contact Eagle Water at our head office 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario residents 1-866-427-7757.

How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink a Day?

Eagle Water and many other dog owners leave out water for their dogs all the time with the thought that they’ll drink as much, or as little, as they need. Monitoring your dog’s water intake can improve their health, prevent illness and insure proper hydration. Too little water can lead to dehydration in dogs, kidney stones, organ failure and even death. Drinking too much water can lead to stomach bloat, electrolyte imbalances, and water toxicity.

Keep in mind that if your dog is under-drinking or over-drinking, it could be a sign of an underlying illness. Have your vet check your dog if he’s doing either.

How much water a day should a dog drink? How much and how carefully you have to monitor him depends on several factors:

  • Size: On the average, a healthy dog drinks about 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.
  • Food: A healthy diet is as important as water and the type of food your dog eats affects his water intake. Dogs that eat only dry food will need a little more water than those that eat canned.
  • Age: Puppies need about a 1/2 cup every two hours and need to be closely monitored. Senior dogs tend to naturally monitor themselves.
  • Exercise: Bring water along on any exercise excursion with your dog.
  • Weather: Summer means more panting which means an increase in water intake.
  • Medications: Check with your vet to see if you need to decrease or increase your dog’s water intake while taking any medication.

To look for dehydration in dogs, grab a piece of skin at the back of your dog’s neck. Stretch it out, then let it go. A properly hydrated dog’s skin will snap quickly back into place, while the skin of a dehydrated dog will return slowly and form a “tent” in the process. You can also check your dog’s gums for dehydration – wet, slippery gums are healthy. Dull, sticky gums suggest dehydration.

To help insure that the water supply for both humans and canines is protected, you can do one simple action – clean up after your dog. And by providing a healthy diet and the right amount of clean purified water to your pooch, you can prevent illness and promote health.

Eagle Water believes in keeping our pets hydrated as well as ourselves. Please call our head office at 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario residents call 1-866-427-7757 for ways to hydrate your pets with clean healthy drinking water.

Clean Drinking Water Serves Many Purposes

Eagle Water knows water is the basis of life and serves all sorts of purposes that help you feel your absolute best.

Water boosts your metabolism which boosts your body’s ability to burn fat. Drinking about 17 oz of water can increase your metabolic rate by 30%.

Drinking water everyday can lower your risk of a heart attack. People who drink more than 5 glasses of water a day are 41% less likely to die from a heart attack than people who drink 3 glasses a day. Studies also show that staying hydrating may reduce the risk of colon cancer by 45% and bladder cancer by 50%.

Drinking 8-10 cups of water per day can improve your cognitive performance by 30%. A dehydration level of just 1% of your body weight will reduce your thinking functions.

Dehydration is the most common cause of daytime fatigue. If you get tired while at work, guzzle a glass of water. A 2% dehydration level can trigger short-term memory problems and difficulty focusing.

Be sure to drink purified water to ensure that your body is at it’s best! To learn more about drinking water please call our Eagle Water head office at 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario residents 1-866-427-7757.

Eagle Water is appalled by Plastic Island

In 1997, Capt. Charles Moore was guiding his boat through the doldrums when he noticed some plastic debris floating in the water.

Though it didn’t seem like an overwhelming amount of trash, he recorded log entries noting the debris in the water. Toothbrushes, bottle caps, eel traps, floating nets, soap bottles, and the list goes on.

When he reached solid land, Moore told scientists about his findings, then returned two years later to assess the extent of the garbage patch using more scientific sampling methods.

This started the story of the great Pacific garbage patch, plastic debris, chemical sludge and other trash the size of Texas that is trapped in a vortex between ocean currents.

Plastic Island is getting bigger.

15 years later Moore had returned to the garbage patch, along with five other people, to track its extent and study its impact on marine life.

A 2014 study found that the ocean’s plastic may be disappearing, with much less debris in the water than had been predicted.

He found 100 times more plastic by weight with the drones, than they estimated from the trawl.

The team is also studying the impact of the plastic on marine life. So far, they have found that about 35% of the fish they sampled had swallowed some plastic.

Do your part and quit buying plastic!! To reduce the use of plastic water bottles in your home, consider getting a reverse osmosis unit. This unit will give you unlimited purified drinking water. There is no need to waste your money on bottled water and you will help save our aquatic wildlife. To learn more please call Eagle Water head office at 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario Residents 1-866-427-7757.


How Much Water is Really Needed?

Reminder from Eagle Water to make sure you’re drinking enough water this summer!

Some say you need eight to ten 8-ounce glasses of water a day. Others say to divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces.

There is no specific number for how much water you should be drinking; it actually depends on many lifestyle factors:

Activity level: Someone who is inactive may not need as much water as someone who is regularly active. When you exercise, you need to increase your intake to replace the water that has been lost through sweating.

Surrounding environment: Hot, humid temperatures or higher altitudes indicate a need for a higher water intake.

Diet: If your diet consists of fruits and vegetables, you may not need to drink as much water.

Illness: If you’re sick be sure to drink lots of water to help you feel better, faster!

Alcohol intake: While drinking alcohol be sure to alternate with water. Alcohol can be very dehydrating, causing those lovely hangovers the next day.

Remember to drink you clean and purified water everyday to stay hydrated, especially in the summer. To learn more about water please call our Eagle Water head office at 1-800-363-6365 or for Ontario residents please call 1-866-427-7757.

Cats and the Water They Drink

Eagle Water cares about what you and your pets are drinking.

Cats, like all other pets, need to have access to clean water at all times. Your cat’s water bowl should be washed and refilled at least once a day or more, not just topped up.

Some cats are fussy about the type of water they will drink. Some will only drink running water from a tap or from a certain bowl. Of course, there is always the odd one or two who choose to drink from the bottom of the bath, or even the toilet bowl!

Eagle Water would like to show you how you and your pets can drink clean, fresh water everyday. To learn about our water conditioners and to book your FREE in home water evaluation please call 1-800-363-6365 (Quebec) or 1-866-427-7757 (Ontario).