The Eagle Water Installation team – a well trained team of professionals

The Eagle Water Installation team is committed to offer a level of service never before offered in the water treatment business. Once you have reviewed the necessary water treatment equipment with your water quality specialist, we can have your installation started in less than 48 hours. In order to provide this level of service we maintain a one of the highest inventories in of water treatment equipment in Canada. But just having the inventory isn’t where we stop. From sales and scheduling to installation, Eagle Water Treatment Systems has developed a unique system with a dedicated team of professionals for each step in the process.

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All of our installers are specially trained employee professionals, so you can have confidence that every job is always performed with precision, skill and the utmost pride. Every installer is experienced, which means you never deal with a installer that has not had the necessary training. This way, we can ensure you always receive only the very best service and workmanship for your water treatment and filtration equipment installation.

With all of that said one of the most important parts of any installation are the team of people who are at your project the day the installation takes place. Eagle Water Treatment always guarantees that your installation will be done right or we’ll make it right because we use highly skilled and highly trained professionals.

Our customers can’t say enough about our installation process and our team of professional installers. Listed below are some of the comments we have received from our happy customers:

DSC_0572 (1152 x 768)“Very skilled and professional. Top of the line in my opinion! Best treatment and attention to detail. High standards! Keep up the good work, you exceeded my expectations and I’m very satisfied.”
B. Kaogin, Cambridge, Ontario

“The workmanship was excellent, fast installation, with good clean up afterwards. We have been Eagle Water customers for many years and have never been disappointed with service, sales and products, thank-you.”
V. Jurasic, Brantford, Ontario

“Job was done on time. Install was not sloppy. Attention paid to every detail. Installers explained every step and consulted if questions.”
N. Browning, Ottawa, Ontario

“I am overjoyed with the quality of the installation and the ease at which everything was done. Thank you Eagle.”
H. Veronique, Montreal Quebec

Feel free to give us a call at Eagle Water Treatment Systems for all of your water treatment and filtration needs. With over 16 offices across Canada, Eagle Water Treatment Systems is pleased to supply, install and service water treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Call Eagle Water Treatment today at 1-800-363-6365 (Quebec Head office) or 1-866-427-7757 (for Ontario residents).

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Eagle Platinum whole home water conditioner – soft, clean truly refined water.

Eagle Platinum Cabinet Water Conditioner

Eagle Water Treatment Systems provides Soft, Clean and Truly Refined Water.

You can immediately see and feel the difference a water conditioner makes to the quality of your water and the quality of your life. No more concerns over the old water softener.
The Eagle Water Treatment Platinum Cabinet Style Water Conditioner offers the most advanced high-efficiency performance in a compact, modern space -saving design. Unique features provide unmatched salt and water savings,

Features Include:

– WQA Tested & Certified to NSF/ANSI 44 for effective reduction of hardness as verified and substantiated by test data.

– NSF/ANSI 44 Certified Control Valve & Pressure Tank.
– Extremely High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin.
– User-friendly backlit LCD display with ”No Touch” information display provides key info like date of last regeneration and volume of conditioned water remaining.
– Heavy duty cabinet made from NSF Certified high density polyethylene. Includes brine safety valve for added assurance. Includes Bypass valve

High Efficiency Features Include:

Reverse Flow Regeneration with Precision Brining – traditional ‘down flow’ softeners deplete the unused portion of the resin bed with every regeneration. It is like draining the gas tank in your car every time before filling it up!
`Reverse Flow Regen’ – drives the hardness minerals up through the already depleted resin and out to drain – saving both salt and the unused portion of the resin for future use.
Precision Brining – saves additional salt by pre-making only 70% of the brine. Just before regeneration, the computer calculates the precise amount of brine top-up needed to regenerate only the depleted resin saving up to 30% more salt!

Other important features include:
– Municipal Backwash Cycle Preset reduces back wash frequency for clean water supplies
– Sanitary System Flush flushes stagnant water after 7 days of non-use preventing bacteria growth
– Soft Water Quick Charge Mode ensures conditioned water during unusually heavy water usage
– Soft Water Brine Tank Refill keeps tank & injectors clean

With over 16 offices across Canada, Eagle Water Treatment Systems is pleased to supply, install and service water treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Call Eagle Water Treatment today at 1-800-363-6365 (Quebec Head office) or 1-866-427-7757 (for Ontario residents).

Eagle Water Treatment Systems making a difference at CityKidz !

Citykidz-Eagle_install (600 x 400)Eagle Water Treatment Systems and our Ontario distributors are happy to have been able to help out a great cause and install a complimentary Eagle Reverse Osmosis Cooler and additional Eagle Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems at CityKidz in Hamilton Ontario. With faith hope and love CityKidz is transforming lives, one child at a time. It is through great organizations such as this that we can inspire big dreams for our children.

At CityKidz volunteers work tirelessly to increase resiliency and inspire big dreams for Canadian children living in low-income communities by providing inspirational experiences and nurturing personal relationships, one child at a time.

One of the many ways CityKidz instills resilience is through weekly home visits to every child who attends our Saturday program. Home visits provide the opportunity to build relationships with the kids and their families and to truly show them that we care. This consistent week-in and week-out commitment contributes to building the strong relationships that enable our CityKidz children to thrive in spite of very challenging circumstances.

Over the past two years, CityKidz has implemented program wide assessments that help to measure the effectiveness of our programs, including the resilience of CityKidz kids. These findings – which our partner, World Vision Canada, considers to be “breakthrough”.


Citykidz-Eagle_install-1152 x 768CityKidz impacts Futures

CityKidz kids have what it takes to break the cycle of poverty. One of the many ways we impact futures is through our Jr. Leadership Program. Designed to both mentor and train adolescents to serve as leaders within CityKidz, the Jr. Leadership Program provides graduates of the CityKidz Saturday program opportunities to model what they’ve learned. Under caring and supportive supervision, our Jr. Leaders develop skills that will be of benefit to the community as they mature to become responsible young adults. Additionally, our CityYouth Program helps CityKidz youth to become “servant leaders,” not only within CityKidz, but also throughout the community.


As this program grows, we will be able to witness increased evidence of the impact of CityKidz.

• Over 30% of our volunteers were once CityKidz children themselves • Some former CityKidz kids have matured enough to become valued employees of our team • Over 100 of our former CityKidz participants and current youth have taken leadership roles in other great organizations


Eagle-and-citykidz-0684 (600 x 400)Eagle Water Treatment Systems helping Canadians solve their water treatment nee.

Eagle Water Treatment Systems is a Canadian owned and operated company that specializes in water purification and filtration. At Eagle we provide premium quality water treatment systems especially manufactured to suit Canadian water quality. Our Regional Distributors offer the full line of Eagle Water Treatment products that cover  a wide range of water purification systems and water filtration cartridges that are suitable for domestic and commercial water usage. With many years of experience and thousands of active customers, you can always trust us to supply the best quality purified water available. Eagle is a one-stop-shop for all your purification needs; we supply, install and service your water purification system. Our warranty is one of the highest in the industry and we stand behind all of the products that we sell.

Eagle Water Treatment systems is proud to have served Canadians from coast to coats for over 30 years. We have been helping many families filter and purify their water from both municipal and well water sources with our full range of products to suit almost any application. Please feel free to give us a call for all of your water treatment needs. Phone : 1-800-363-6365 .

The Eagle Water Treatment Head Office is located at 501 Rivière Sud St-Eustache, Quebec J7R 0E1 .


Eagle Water Treatment Systems protects families throughout Ontario.

We have offices across the Golden Horseshoe Region:

Cats and the Water They Drink

Eagle Water cares about what you and your pets are drinking.

Cats, like all other pets, need to have access to clean water at all times. Your cat’s water bowl should be washed and refilled at least once a day or more, not just topped up.

Some cats are fussy about the type of water they will drink. Some will only drink running water from a tap or from a certain bowl. Of course, there is always the odd one or two who choose to drink from the bottom of the bath, or even the toilet bowl!

Eagle Water would like to show you how you and your pets can drink clean, fresh water everyday. To learn about our water conditioners and to book your FREE in home water evaluation please call 1-800-363-6365 (Quebec) or 1-866-427-7757 (Ontario).

Trying to Loose Weight? Increase your body’s ability to burn fat and drink more water.

Trying to lose weight? Drinking water can boost your body’s ability to burn fat. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking water (about 17oz) increases metabolic rate by 30 percent in healthy men and women. The boost occurred within 10 minutes but reached a maximum 30-40 minutes after drinking.

Studies also suggest that drinking one or two glasses of water before a meal can fill you up so you naturally eat less, says Andrea N. Giancoli, MPH, RD spokesperson for The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Plus, even mild dehydration will slow down metabolism by as much as 3 percent.

German researchers found that drinking 6 cups of cold water a day (that’s 48 oz.) can raise resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily—enough to shed 5 pounds in a year. The increase may come from the work it takes to heat the water to body temperature. Though the extra calories you burn drinking a single glass don’t amount to much, making it a habit can add up to pounds lost with essentially zero additional effort .

Drink more water and you will lose more weight. How do I do that you ask? Make the water taste better by adding a water filter. That way you will choose to drink water before a sugary drink and you will loose more weight fast. We believe so strongly in our products that we are providing the first 100 callers a free in home water quality evaluation. This is only available for a limited time so call now. If you are a home owner you qualify. Call 1-866-427-7757 today.

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Wise Water International is a authorised distributor of Eagle Water Treatment products and services. we are located at 351 Nash Road North unit 4 in Hamilton Ontario Canada.