RO Zip


WQA - Tested and Certified against CSA B483.1

CSA approval

Now, a zero installation water purifier with no installation required.

With an Eagle ZIP (Zero Installation Purifier), there is no installation required. Just remove it from the box, plug it in, fill the supply pitcher, and in minutes you have a supply of fresh, healthy, pure water. It's just that easy.

The Eagle ZIP's innovative patented design has all the features of a traditional Reverse Osmosis filter system in a convenient and stylish countertop case. The Booster pump, pre-filter, carbon filter, RO membrane and post filter are all contained in a compact unit that gives you 50% space saving compared to traditional, bulky, RO filters.

The Eagle ZIP is an extremely environmentally friendly unit. With traditional RO filters about 80% of the inlet water passes over the membrane and is sent to the drain. The Eagle ZIP's patented recirculation system is designed to have zero waste water. 50% of inlet water is filtered for drinking and the remaining 50% can be used for washing, and other uses. Bottled water quality without the bottles. We have combined this fantastic Eagle Reverse Osmosis process with other quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly in your kitchen. It provides you with an abundant supply of true bottled quality water without the bottles from its own attractive spigot. We can even hook up your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser to the filtration system!