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Who knew that one of the most valuable products you can use for your skin and health is a whole home water treatment system? According to recent scientific research, washing and bathing in filtered water is possibly even more important than drinking filtered water (although both are highly recommended).

With an Eagle water filtration system, bubble baths are a real pleasure and soap rinses completely off your skin, helping keep it soft and smooth. Shampoos will lather fully and rinse away cleanly, leaving your hair silky smooth instead of dry and brittle. You'll also notice how much less soap and detergent you'll use—because your water "works" so much better.

Is Your Water Causing You to Break Out?

7% of allergy sufferers have some kind of skin allergy and many studies have shown that hard water may be a causative factor. Scientists have proven that there is a connection between hard water and skin allergies. Whether your sensitivity is mild or severe, some hard water has been proven to harm the skin. According to Manhattan Dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, "impurities in water make it difficult for soap and shampoo to wash off, leading to dryness of the skin and scalp, which directly irritate the skin and cause redness and rosacea." Furthermore, there's a correlation between hard water and skin disorders like eczema. Minerals like calcium are typically found in large concentration and may contribute to the loss of moisture in skin.

Dr. Gross indicates that the heavy metals in hard water can clog pores and increase acne, not to mention act as free radicals, attaching itself to healthy skin cells and destroying them. This leads to a breakdown of collagen and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. For this Dermatologist one of the most detrimental metals in hard water is iron, because of accumulated deposits that are energized by the sun, which can be linked to some skin cancer.