Hard Water



Almost ALL water supplies contain varying amounts of mineral hardness. Hardness is comprised of dissolved naturally occurring substances such as calcium, magnesium and iron and is measured in grains per gallon. The first indication that you may have "Hard Water" shows up as a lack of soap suds in washing water, showers and baths followed by white deposits on sinks, shower screens and basins. At Eagle Water Treatment Systems we have water filtration systems that can be installed to stop these deposits from occurring in your home. Hard water is generally indicative of a high level of dissolved minerals in the water and would normally be associated with your issues associated with your main water supply.

 At Eagle Water Treatment we will provide you with a "No Charge" complimentary Water Evaluation. Once we complete our water evaluation and determine if in fact your water is found to be hard, there are a few options available to you. The most common way to soften water is through an ion exchange water softener. This system works by exchanging positively charged hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) with positively charged softness minerals (sodium or potassium). This exchange of minerals softens the water and can extend the life of plumbing systems since there is reduced clogging in the pipes.

There are currently a few basic types of ion transfer softeners. The first is an automatic softener. This type of softener is connected to a clock timer which at certain time intervals begins the regeneration process by flushing out the hard ions stuck to a resin material and replacing them with the soft ions. This then allows for a continuous exchange of hard and soft ions throughout the day. The second type of softener is the demand initiated regeneration (DIR). With this system, regeneration occurs only when soft water has run out. Since this system adjusts to the amount of water used as opposed to the automatic type, it uses less salt and water and is more efficient.

Here at Eagle Water Treatment we can assist you in sorting out which system is best for you and your particular application. This is why it is best to call our office and have one of our professional team members attend your home to complete a free water evaluation.