Gold Eagle System


WQA - Tested and Certified against CSA B483.1

The very best in water treatment!

The Gold Eagle features an advanced water conditioning control that regenerates with less salt and less water than most conventional water softeners.

Using “Smart Memory”, the Gold Eagle tracks and records your daily water usage regenerating only when necessary, saving as much as 60% of the water and salt intake during this process. A fully adjustable control valve and a user-friendly touch pad makes customizing easy for those challenging water problems. This state-of-the-art equipment also features variable up flow brining with floating reserve to ensure the optimum in efficiencies.

Regeneration against water current makes this unit more effective than other units on the market;

  • Available according to needs from 0.75 to 3.0 cubic feet of resin;
  • This model has a reserve that is adjusting weekly and is flexible according to your use;
  • The time of regeneration is adjustable;
  • A frequency of regeneration to be adjusted little all the same;
  • The cycles of regeneration are completely adjustable;
  • Complete diagnosis available if it’s defect;
  • Complete closing and seals valve preventing mold, dirtiness and dust to infiltrate;
  • Luminous screen allowing a good reading even in the dark places;
  • The integrated capacitor allows the monitor of hour even during a blackout;
  • The functions of the programming included: capacity of unit, hardness of water, capacity of the
    factor of protection;
  • Transformer included.