The environment has been drastically affected by waste over the past few decades to the point that it has become a serious problem. The landfills in Canada and the U.S.A. have continued to grow to enormous sizes and the rates for recycling have remained dismally lower than one would like. This problem is largely due to the number of plastic bottles and containers that are not properly disposed of every day. The fact that thousands of consumers dispose of these bottles improperly only adds to the problem for the environment and creates more trash than we know what to do with.   In a 2001 report of the WWF (or World Wildlife Fund), there were over 1.5 million tons of plastic distributed for the bottling of 89 billion liters of water that year. This has increased dramatically every year since. This staggering amount exacerbates the waste problem by adding to the number of unused plastic bottles that are thrown into landfills and are never recycled. Not only are there too many bottles produced and discarded each year, the amount of energy that is needed to manufacture them is overwhelming. Bottled water companies use a large number of unregulated resources in their production of the billions of bottles, and this has had a serious impact on the environment. It has been suggested by the WWF that bottled water companies use local bottling facilities in an effort to lessen the fuel expenditures for transporting the bottles. 

Each and every one of us can improve our environment by drinking filtered tap water, which is better for us and better for our environment. A water treatment system by Eagle will not only help you and your family but it will save our planet and make it a better place for our children and their children. Next time you throw that water bottle in the trash, first think of what you’ve just done and consider the long-term effect of your actions on your family. Think of the harm your really doing to your environment and the future of our planet. If we continue the way we humans are, our world isn’t going to be here much longer. If you can just make this one step and stop using bottled water we can help save this beautiful world. This Earth is the only one we have so consider improving it for all by ordering an Eagle water filtration system.