Eagle Platinum – Cabinet Water Conditioner

Introducing the totally “NEW” Eagle Platinum Cabinet Style Water Conditioner. A revolutionary design in water treatment systems, engineered to conserve water usage.


Soft, Clean Truly Refined Water.

You can immediately see and feel the difference a water conditioner makes to the quality of your water and the quality of your life.

The Eagle Platinum Cabinet Style Water Conditioner offers the most advanced high-efficiency performance in a compact, modern space -saving design. The EAGLE PLATINUM design offers unique features that provide unmatched salt and water savings.


Features Include:

►WQA Tested & Certified to NSF/ANSI 44 for effective reduction of hardness as verified and substantiated by test data

►NSF/ANSI 44 Certified Control Valve & Pressure Tank

►Extremely High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin

►User-friendly backlit LCD display with ”No Touch” information display provides key info like date of last regeneration and volume of conditioned water remaining

►Heavy duty cabinet made from NSF Certified high density polyethylene which includes brine safety valve for added assurance.


High Efficiency Features Include:

1) Reverse Flow Regeneration with Precision Brining Traditional ‘down flow’ softeners deplete the unused portion of the resin bed with every regeneration. It is like draining the gas tank in your car every time before filling it up!

2) `Reverse Flow Regen’ – drives the hardness minerals up through the already depleted resin and out to the drain, this provides savings in  both salt and the unused portion of the resin for future use.

3) Precision Brining – saves additional salt by pre-making only 70% of the brine. Just before regeneration the computer calculates the precise amount of brine top-up needed to regenerate only the depleted resin saving up to 30% more salt!


The benefits are huge and the savings are endless!

► Municipal Backwash Cycle reduces back wash frequency for clean water supplies

►Sanitary System Flush flushes stagnant water after 7 days of non-use preventing bacteria growth

►Soft Water Quick Charge Mode ensures conditioned water during unusually heavy water usage

►Soft Water Brine Tank Refill keeps tank & injectors clean