Relax with the Eagle 360 water leak detection system


Protect yourself from claims, fees, headaches and live in peace, peace of mind!


How does our system work?

There are 3 components to the Eagle 360 system: the automatic valve, the control panel and the detectors. You will also have the added benefit of a smartphone app to control the water inlet to your home.

You simply have to place the detectors wherever you want in your home. For example, under the sinks, at the bottom of a toilet, under the washing machine, etc. As soon as one of the detectors detects a water leak, it sends a signal to the system. This activates the water inlet valve which closes immediately and cuts off the water supply to your home. The system then informs you by sending you a text message or an email notification to your smart phone. Everything is done within a few seconds, closing the valve is done almost simultaneously with the detection of a water leak. This allows you to calmly check the situation and avoid additional water damage. For your convenience the valve and the control panel are installed at the main water inlet coming into your home.


Water damage is the # 1 cause of insurance claims in Quebec.


Whether it's protecting your cottage, your home or your condo when you're at work or when you are in bed at night, the Eagle 360 is there for you. If you know someone who has been affected by a major water leak or if you have experienced it yourself, you are keenly aware of the exorbitant costs such a disaster can create. However, these are not the only inconveniences. The stress and the challenges required to adapt to this unfortunate episode are present on a daily basis. The Eagle 360 Water Leak Detection System is there to help you avoid all of these inconveniences. The system watches over your home 24 hours a day and informs you if an incident occurs. Many insurance companies offer discounts for using this system so call yours today to see if you qualify.

Ask your insurer how much you would save with the installation of our water leak detection system.

THE NEW EAGLE 360 Water Leak Detection System

The Eagle 360 constantly monitors your system and immediately shuts off the main water valve in the event of a leak. When it notifies you, the worst has already been avoided. So rest easy. And leave the house worry-free.



Eagle 360 stops leaks, instantly, automatically.

  • Your Eagle 360 master unit triggers the electric valve to shut off the water main in just a fraction of a second. The leak is stopped just like that—wherever it originated. The worst? Never happened.

Now water leaks ≠ water damage

  • The Eagle 360 detects and controls leaks. When it notifies you, the worst has already been avoided. So, rest easy and leave the house worry-free.



Your best defence when every second counts.

  • Washer, water heater, dishwasher—you can put an Eagle 360 wireless detector wherever there’s a risk. At the first sign of a leak, the detector alerts the master unit.

Ultrasensitive Detection

  • High sensitivity means high speed.
  • The Eagle 360 detectors have four closely spaced sensors just 0.015 inches from the floor—to detect spills as small as a glass of water.

64 Zones

  • A single master unit can run up to 64 separate Eagle 360 detectors.

Connected Valve

  • Fast shutoff you can count on.
  • The system’s electric valve is wired directly to the master unit and responds immediately at any time, even during a power outage. Every second saved between the beginning and end of a leak reduces the damage.
  • The system runs on a backup battery during blackouts.
  • The Eagle 360 uses a secure encrypted communications protocol. Its proven radiofrequency system is used by over five million systems. The low frequencies keep the signal steady and free from interference. The powerful signal linking detectors to the master unit has a range of up to 5,000 square feet.
Smart phone notification of the Eagle 360 Water Leak Detection System




You’re notified, not alarmed.

You get an email, alert, or text to inform you that something happened and your main water valve has been safely shut off. The damage? At worst, a little puddle to mop up. Life goes on. No panic. No hassles.

Always at work.

We designed the Eagle 360 so you could forget it was even there. But if a water leak occurs—today or 10 years from now—it’ll be stopped in its tracks. Always.


Built in Self Testing

Continually tested. Always ready!

The valve and all detectors—every single one—will be working when it really counts.

Daily detector testing
The master unit sends out a signal to the detectors to make sure they’re working. If any of them fails to respond, you receive an immediate alert that tells you exactly which detector is faulty.

Weekly shutoff test
Each week the master unit signals the valve to rotate the ball all the way around. This is enough to remove any built-up deposits and extends the life of the valve to over 100 years.

Low Battery Alert
Low battery alert. The system notifies you whenever a battery gets low so you can replace it before it’s too late. The lifespan of the high-performance lithium batteries is 10 years.

And a great deal more.  Call us today to learn more about the Eagle 360 water leak detection system.



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