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We were very happy with our service. We had to move but there was 6 months between the un-install and the re-install. This was no issue and the gentleman even helped me load the conditioner into our vehicle. They called about 20 minutes before they arrived, which was also great!

Thank you so much!
Mike & Nicole Boneschansker – Listowel, ON


We couldn’t be happier with our Eagle Water Treatment System. You can really taste the difference drinking water from another tap. We own a hot tub and can’t believe the difference is how little chemicals are needed compared to before the Water Treatment System.

Thank you Eagle.
Charlene Huggett – Sarnia, ON


I would like to thank you for your time in explaining and answering all our questions. The best decision we have ever made was to purchase this water system. Everything shines…I am loving it.

My kids are enjoying their baths and drinking lots of water.

A working mom like myself, we are always cleaning. I have noticed I can complete my kitchen cleaning in half of the time.

We are still amazed on how our hands are so soft. This system helped Liana, my daughter, so much, she was always complaining right after a bath on how itchy she was. Since we installed the system, it is gone.

A great thank you to Eagle Water Treatment Sysytems!

Lisa & family


My husband and I are very please to have this Eagle Water Filtration system. So much has changed from drinking more water to having softer clothes. Everything is much cleaner now. Personally, I’ve noticed a big change in my hair, so much that I’m not loosing so much when I brush my hair. We thank you again for everything you have done.

Nelly & Shawn


We are writing to inform you that we are entirely satisfied with our central water filtration system. Since the installation of the system, our water quality has been drastically improved resulting in the complete elimination of a skin rash that I had been living with for months.

In addition, the clothes come out of the washer feeling incredibly soft with the use of less detergent!

All these benefits are in addition to the excellent drinking water quality.

The Eagle system is worth every penny!

Nancy & Tony Venditi


Since using our new Eagle Water System, we have noticed a great improvement in our skin (especially through these dry winter months). I have also noticed an improved quality in our drinking water. It no longer tastes of chlorine!

Thank you for introducing us to this Eagle system and for your great service!

Jen Benoit


Thank you very much for introducing my family to the Eagle Water System. We drink more water. We don’t buy bottle water anymore. We are saving over $50.00 a month on water alone. We use less soap and our food taste so good.

Our dog “Stripes” fur is as silky and shiny as ever. Everyone wants to hug him. My dishes are sparkling! No water spots! My kitchen sinks shines like silver. No more scrubbing.

Thank you again. We appreciate the time you spent testing our water and helping us to see what we were drinking.

The Tombran Family

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