Are you concerned about what a water leak can do to your home?

Eagle 360 water leak prevention

Have you ever thought about the damage a water leak can do to your home or business?  What would happen if you were away from your home for a period of time and you returned only to find the entire home an its contents with sever water damage due to a leaky pipe?  Well these are serious concerns that many people have brought to our attention and as a result we have had our engineers work on a solution that will protect your home and provide you with peace of mind. Introducing the Eagle 360 water leak detection system.


Eagle 360 - Everything is under controlThe Eagle 360 System has been designed to provide you with a system that constantly monitors your home for any potential problems and is ready in an instant to shut off the main water valve to your home to protect  your valuables against severe damage. The system will automatically notify you when a leak has occurred via text message and email to let you know that an incident has occurred and that action has been taken to prevent the worst from happening.


The system is set up with three main components; detect, control and notify. The system works in harmony to quickly prevent damage to your home and is on guard 24/7 to prevent any mishaps from occurring. At the heart of the system is the Eagle 360 Self Contained Hub. The Eagle360 self-contained hub is the first interactive and wireless smart home system dedicated to preventing water damage by activating
an electric shut off valve when the system detects water.The Eagle360 self-contained hub is ideally suited for houses, condos, retirement residences, commercial buildings and hotels.
A native Wi-Fi radio enables flexibility in locating the panel anywhere a wireless router receives a signal. When installed in common traffic areas in commercial applications, control panel functions are easily managed using the integrated LED keypad with voice-guided menu. In low-traffic areas, the panel can serve as a security control hub so that the mobile application, available for smartphones and tablets, can function as the primary method of control. An integrated Ethernet port facilitates communication with a central monitoring station over broadband connection and an optional cellular module is available for backup or primary reporting in formats including encryption protocols SIA and CID.


The Eagle 360 Self-contained Hub delivers a modern, water protection solution to homeowners… providing control and peace of mind!

Caractéristiques Détecteurs
The Eagle 360 self-contained hub comes standard with a Z-Wave radio, allowing users to control over 250 Z-Wave devices including lights, thermostats
and locks at home or away via mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. Offering advanced cloud features, industry-leading functionality and user-friendly operation, the Eagle 360 self-contained hub is the ideal choice for complete, cost-effective water damage prevention, security and interactive control.

The Eagle 360 Flood/Freeze Sensor

Another important component to the systems is the Flood/Freeze sensor which provides the detection for the Eagle 360 water leak detection system. The Flood/Freeze Sensor from Eagle is a small, unobtrusive device that alerts users when water is detected or if the ambient temperature drops below a set point. Due to its small size, the sensor can be placed under sinks, toilets or near hot water tanks making it ideal for monitoring these kinds of high risk areas, while reducing the potential of water damage. Within two seconds of detecting water, the Flood/Freeze Sensor transmits a signal to a valve closing off the water supply, as well as, triggering an alarm notifying the user’s smartphone or tablet, of a water leak. The freeze detection feature also reduces the possibility of pipes freezing by transmitting an alarm notification if the temperature in the surrounding area drops below 5 degrees Celsius.


The Eagle 360 Stainless Steel shut off valve


The Eagle 360 valves are the essential part of the Eagle systems. When a leak is received by the Eagle 360 Hub, a close signal is sent to the valve to shut off the main water line limiting the damages to a small puddle near the leak. Since 2010, the valve design has been improved to be the most reliable automatic shut off valve on the market. The valve body is all in stainless steel and certified NSF61, which makes it durable and not harmful for human water consumption. The full port ball valve design removes all water restriction, which means you won’t notice a new valve has been installed.

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